Teacher Training

Welcome to the Three Monkeys School of Qigong. We are a UK based community of qigong practitioners, specialising in Zhineng Qigong. We offer teacher training, retreats with both Western and Chinese teachers and information about other qigong schools and events


Course Outline

Our Teacher Training offers a unique combination of modules that develop the depth of understanding and skills required to teach Zhineng Qigong authentically, safely and effectively in a western environment.

We understand that as teachers, we are always learning and developing and the course is designed as a foundation from which you can grow.

Although this unique combination of training modules can be completed in just under a year, we know that everyone’s path is different and most students take between 18 and 24 months to reach their final assessment.

In order to ensure we can support you through this journey at your own pace we have split the training in the following modules:

N.B to Qualify as a Teacher, you’ll be expected to attend ALL of the following (or have equivalent training…)

  • 3 “Self-cultivation” weekend retreats that help develop your understanding and personal practice (6 days).
  • 3 Teaching weekends focusing purely on the practicalities and subtleties of teaching Qigong (6 days).
  • A Spring “Stillness” retreat which immerses you in the more meditative aspects of Zhineng Qigong (5 days).
  • A longer Summer retreat with Chinese teachers where we explore the origins and development of Zhineng Qigong (7+ days).
  • Mentoring to help you develop your personal practice and build your experience of teaching classes in your own timescale.

It’s important to us that you become an integral part of the growing Zhineng Qigong community in the UK. To support you, and the wider community, we also offer a range of support and additional training including collaboration with other teachers from both the UK and further afield as well as ongoing CPD (continuous professional development) and advanced training.



Examining The Teacher Training Modules

Orientation Day

Although we learn best when outside our comfort zone, we need to be comfortable enough to relax into the process. Rather than diving straight into the teacher training, John and Jeremy will host online sessions prior to the course start date. These will allow you to get to know other potential students and investigate some of the key themes of our training. We look forward to your tough questions!

These sessions are recommended for anyone wanting to join the teacher training. It’s a great way to ensure you are happy with quality and approach of the 3 Monkeys. Contact us to find out when the next session is.

Online Content

Prior to 2020 we approached online training with cautious enthusiasm. Now that online training has become more accessible and acceptable, we are embracing it as an important part of our offering. 

Obviously there is no substitute for face to face teaching and this is still an important part of the training, but we are now including online sessions as part of the Introduction to Teaching and Practice of Teaching weekends. Our online content is outlined below:

  • Exploring basic theory – we do this this through a series of prerecorded sessions that focus on:
    • Gross Qi and Refined Qi
    • 5 Element Theory
    • Entirety Theory
    • The concept of Three Treasures
  • Zoom with individuals – When necessary, we will offer the training on Zoom. This will mean that it’s still possible to be a part of the training when you are unable to attend in person. 
  • Zoom with small groups – While it’s great to be able to connect from home, it’s also useful to work face to face. The Small Group sessions will mean that you can meet up with other teacher trainers in order to work and study together. 
  • Mentoring and Peer Support – Between the teaching weekends we will set up online meetings that will enable us to come together as a group, share experiences, ask questions and support each other on our Qigong journey.

An Introduction to Teaching

Having created a foundation for personal development through the weekend retreats and other training, the first teaching weekend shifts the focus onto how sharing our understanding and practice with others can create mutual benefits for everyone.

We’ll revisit common themes from fresh perspectives, practice qigong together and invite you to step into the role of a Qigong Teacher.

The Practice of Teaching

The unfortunate truth is that although it would be great to just go out and start teaching, there are certain considerations to be taken into account. The aim of this weekend is to get you out there as a student teacher of Zhineng Qigong and we’ll provide you with a full set of tools and resources to help. From correcting posture, developing scripts and creating suitable learning spaces  to record-keeping, insurance and lesson planning, we’ll provide you with everything you need to start teaching Zhineng Qigong to a western audience.

The Art of Teaching

Moving from the very practical approach to teaching that we started to develop in the Practice of Teaching weekend, The Art of Teaching looks at the subtle tools that we use as Qigong teachers in order to create the space for change in ourselves and others. We’ll look at the role of observation and judgement in teaching, explore the relationship between storytelling and patterns of behaviour and introduce the next step in your development as Zhineng Qigong Teacher.

The Mentoring Phase

This phase of training can be initiated at any time during or after attending the Teacher Training Module. The majority of time this will be delivered by telephone or a suitable online communication tool. We would normally recommend taking advantage of this service at the following points:

  • Prior to setting up your first class
  • To discuss your experience of teaching
  • To develop ideas to move your personal and teaching practice up a level

A typical mentoring session will be 30 minutes and your first 2 mentoring sessions are included in the price of the training. Additional mentoring can be arranged for a small fee.




Homework and Final Assessment

In order to graduate we need to assess your understanding, personal practice and teaching. We believe that continuous assessment is more useful in the development of Qigong teachers than examinations and we try to limit written work to a minimum. Our preferred method is to ask you to prepare presentations and teaching material that can be shared on the teaching weekends and will remain useful to you beyond our training.

We’ll discuss progress with you during the programme and work towards a final assessment with you. This can take a number of forms ranging from coming in to observe one of your classes to co-hosting workshops with you. The exact format of the assessment will be tailored to each student but the basic structure of the assessment remains the same and will be shared with you well in advance.


The modular nature of the course (and varying price of retreat accommodation) means that we do not state an overall price for the entire course. We would typically ask you to attend 2 of the weekend retreats, a Spring retreat and a Summer Retreat. Each module is typically individually priced in order to reflect the changing costs for venues and accommodation but our aim is as follows:

  • Weekend Retreats – from £295 please check individual retreats on our Events page (this price includes all qigong and meals, but excludes accommodation)
  • Teacher Training Modules – Approx £800 to include all modules outlined above, associated administration and final assessment.
  • Spring Retreat – From £550 for 5 days including food and accommodation (discounts are usually available but please check individual retreats for details)
  • Summer Retreat – Prices vary each year depending on the duration of the retreat. We aim to charge approximately £125 per day, the retreat is usually about 8 days
    (discounts are usually available but please check individual retreats for details)

Accredited Prior Learning

If you’ve already spent time studying Zhineng Qigong, please let us know. We’re happy to discuss the modules that will be applicable given previous training.

Code of Conduct

It’s important to us that everyone who works within, and graduates from the 3 Monkeys School adheres to a code of conduct that is designed to set an expected level of professionalism. To find out about our expectations, you can read our code of conduct by following this link.


We are currently collecting emails of those interested in becoming a teacher. (Email teachers@3monkeysqigong.co.uk to join our waiting list )

For up to date details on all of our Retreats and Courses, please visit out Events page.