Our Retreats

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Come on a Retreat with the Three Monkeys! You don’t have to be a teacher or a trainee!

We have many people who just want to deepen their practice, and spend time with like-minded souls.

We hear it again and again, “It feels like being part of a family” and “Only nice people seem to do Zhineng Qigong!”

We often hear how nurtured people feel, and how relieved there’s none of the usual dogma. Come experience the genuine community feeling.

Sure, there’s a lovely retreat “Afterglow” that we all experience, but at 3 Monkeys we feel it’s important to try to help you integrate the work into “Life” after retreat, which we think we do well!

Our Retreats have been help in Hampshire, Berkshire and Sussex and The Scottish Borders. 

It’s not always serious!

We always like to have a laugh too!