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It takes a certainly alchemy to make a good Qigong teacher, and then mix that with years of study and physical practice.
It’s easy to cram your head with theory, but that won’t fly in the real world!
Caroline, John and Jeremy have been boiling in that cauldron for many years each, and finally have decided to take the distillation and pass it along to the next generation. We realise that our 15 month course won’t make you into the “complete” Qigong teacher, but our on-going commitment to you and our school’s community will help you along this tricky path.
Besides the offerings of our fantastic over-seas teachers, Caroline, John and Jeremy will provide a complete syllabus, covering the History, basis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, spiritual roots and the modern day relevance of Qigong, with an emphasis on Zhineng Qigong. (Find details of the Course Syllabus here)
The complete course runs over approximatly 15 months with 30 contact days.
The course is split into THREE Moduals:-

  • Five teaching weekends (Normally in London) – with the Three Monkeys Teachers
  • Our 12 day Summer Retreat (Normally in Scotland) – lead by Chinese teachers
  • Our 5 Day Winter Retreat (Normally in Suffolk) – with the Three Monkeys Teachers
  • In addition we also offer about six Introduction / Practice days, round the country – with the Three Monkeys Teachers
  • On successful completion of all THREE units, the student insurance that covers you during your training will be extended and you can become a fully insured UK teacher of the Three Monkeys School of Qigong!

    The Full cost is in the region of £3,000 (We think this is excellent value to start your new career as a Qigong teacher!)
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    Zhineng Qigong is still relatively unknown in the UK and there is a huge shortfall in the number of qualified instructors who are able to teach this powerful, healing form of moving meditation.
    Here at the Three Monkeys School of Qigong we are committed to building and supporting an open, experienced community of Zhineng Qigong Teachers through the highest quality training. By combining our understanding of how Qigong works in a western environment with the authenticity and depth of knowledge offered by visiting Chinese teachers, we are now able to offer truly unique and comprehensive training courses to those who are committed to deepening their knowledge of this life changing Qigong form and sharing their understanding with others.

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What’s on Offer?

The Foundation Course

The Teacher Training Course offered by the Three Monkeys is a unique combination of Five weekend modules, a Summer and a Winter Retreat which will take place over 15 months period
The Teacher training weekends start 31st Oct 2015
Jump to the Syllabus page here

5 Day Winter Retreat

The Winter Retreat 2016
The projected dates for this are 10th/14th of March 2016.
The estimated cost of the Retreat will be £550
The Retreat is expected to take place near Brighton this year – Venue TBC
Further Details will be published here in due course

12 Day Summer Retreat

This information was from the 2015 retreat – please sign up for our newsletter for information regarding the 2016 Summer Retreat
This year The 12 Day Intensive Retreat offered by the Three Monkeys, (lead by our Chinese Teachers) for 2015 is a residential retreat in Samye Ling monastery in Scotland. Flyer Here!
Our 12 Day Syllabus
This year the Retreat is split into TWO distinct parts.
The first six days WILL BE A SILENT RETREAT! – The teachers will of course talk during lectures, and you may ask questions during lectures..
As In other years, we are inviting people who are NOT on the teacher training course to join us.
From the 16th to 23rd of July the Retreat will feature work at a more advanced level, both in Practice and in Theory.
From the 23rd to 28th July the Retreat will be turned over to more basic practice, and the Art of healing both oneself and others too.
Pricing and Booking
Complete Course including all tuition, full board accommodation at Samye Ling – £1345.00
(For the Booking form click here)