Reborn – All Three Parts


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Lu and Ling – Reborn

MANY PEOPLE WANT TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE STATE and their destiny in order to gain health, wealth and freedom.

People don’t realize that they lose themselves when trying to create their own ideal world.

Teachers Ling & Lu have created this Systematic Course so it can be a tool in your life that help discover your TRUE SELF and live a limitless life.

After Teacher Pang Ming became enlightened and met his True Self, he created the New Life Science – Hunyuan Entirety Science.

The New Human Science is the tool to jump out of the vortex of the ordinary people. When standing on the level of the True Self, one can see clearly the truth of the suffering and enslavement of the ordinary person. From the True Self, one can create the theory and method to return to a real person and recover the health, wealth, harmony and freedom.

With the experience and practice of more than 30 years, the teachers Ling & Lu Laoshi of “Daoqi new culture” have caught the essence of Zhineng Qigong science.

They want to be the bridge to organize the systematic mentoring course and guide more people towards the true path to get health, freedom and harmony.

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