Foundation Files

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Click on each file, it will take you to it’s “Own page” – there you can RIGHT CLICK the link, and either “Save as” or “download” the file to your computer. I suggest you use headphones to listen again.
The first weekend of the Foundation – What is Qi? – The Lecture files are here.

What is Qi?WMA File
Gross Qi / Refined QiWMA File
What is The Qi Field?WMA File
Students Set up a Qi FieldWMA File
Three TreasuresWMA File
Importance of RelaxationWMA File
Tui ShouWMA File
Brief Mental RelaxationWMA File
Five ElementsWMA File

No files yet for weekend two!

Weekend Three Files here!Intention weekend

Opening Remarksmp3 file
Power of mind & Intention pt1mp3 file
Intention part 2 (Caroline)mp3 file
Starting a classmp3 file
Judgement & Patternsmp3 file
Integrating Qigong into daily lifemp3 file
Students feedback about first classesmp3 file
Quieting the inner criticmp3 file
Gongsmp3 file
Hunyuan Qi Reviewmp3 file

Weekend Four Files here!The Art of Teaching

Opening Practicemp3 file
Storytellingmp3 file
Storytelling pt2mp3 file
Homework presentationsmp3 file
How do we learnmp3 file
Creating a learning spacemp3 file
Art of Teaching dicussionmp3 file
On the spot questionsmp3 file

Weekend Five Files here!Stillness Weekend

Opening Practicemp3 file
Mind the gapmp3 file
Q&A sessionmp3 file
Stillness to ActivityEnergy Mappingmp3 file
Energy Mappingmp3 file
3 Centers Merge lecturemp3 file
Reciprocationmp3 file
Further 3CM talk and practicemp3 file

Weekend Six Files here!Embracing the role of the teacher

Introductionmp3 file
Cultivating Stillnessmp3 file
Review of Weekend twomp3 file
Review of weekend threemp3 file
Review of Weekend four and fivemp3 file
Student reviewmp3 file
Student reviewmp3 file