Dr Pang Ming’s Books – now in English!

During November of 2013 I (Jeremy) was lucky enough to spend three weeks in China, where I met Teacher Wei.

His first book had just arrived in the UK, via New Zealand! I was really impressed by the level of detail and the comprehensive list of exercises, it was wonderful to have such a good translation of Dr Pang’s Hunyuan Qi Theory, albeit a fairly basic version.
Whilst in China Wei informed me that he was working on a much more in-depth study of the Hunyuan theory.

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Hunyuan Entirety Theory
The book that discusses Hunyuan Entirety Theory
Methods Zhineng Qigong Science 1
The Book with instruction for all the different ZQ forms















About The “Forms” book

Dr Pang, the creator of Zhineng Qigong, wrote 14 books but this is the first time a book written by him has been translated into English.
Zhineng Qigong was found to have the greatest health benefits of the many types of qigong studied by the China Sports Bureau and millions learnt it.
The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science was published in 1992 when Dr Pang set up a two-year Teacher Training class of intensive and high-level learning. It was produced as a textbook for those students and covers the methods they were taught. Along with the postures, movement sequences and mind activity, Dr Pang has given detailed explanations and suggestions on how to advance one’s practice. The diagrams of the original book are reproduced alongside their related text, making it easy to follow instructions.
The translation is enhanced by the addition of diagrams showing all energy points mentioned in the text, along with location instructions for each one. There is also a useful glossary of important words and concepts.
Initial translation from the Chinese was by Master Wei Qi Feng, who is eminently qualified to undertake this challenge. After completing the two-year Teacher Training class in 1995, he was part of the small group chosen to teach new methods created by Dr Pang and any modifications of existing methods. Now with many years of teaching behind him, he holds workshops internationally and runs retreats in China.
The other challenge was to produce well-written, clear English text. Patricia Fraser has considerable experience in this area. It includes re-wording the translation of an important lecture Dr Pang gave, once sold as a book and DVD set entitled “Using Yishi Developing Human Potential through Qigong” translated by Samuel Lau (now out of print).

About the “Theory” book

The principles of qiqong
The principles of taiji
The principles of life science
The starting point of a new human culture

Hunyuan Entirety Theory is above all a scientific book. Repeatedly it views life from two perspectives: that which is commonly perceived or understood and that which is uncommonly known. The book itself is written from the latter perspective, or what we might call the entirety state of Doctor Pang.
This makes it a book of science that naturally reaches beyond the scope of modem science. With a central principle that cannot easily be defined or even commonly perceived,
Hunyuan Entirety Theory states that everything in the universe is a manifestation of hunyuan qi, that the transformations of qi are the natural laws governing each and every life, and that these laws can be known.

Teacher Wei Qi Feng, translated this work of Dr Pang Ming with the help of Steve Merrick.

This second book deals in-depth with the Scientific Theory behind Zhinenq Qigong. This dense work is idea for the experienced practitioner who wishes to find the answers behind one of the World’s most sucessful Qigong systems.