The Summer Retreat

Please note these are the dates for our exceptionally successful 2016 retreat
We will publish the 2017 dates in January 2017

(We have left the old date to give you an idea of what last years course was like)


GroupBody Mind Form
5pm Wednesday 13th to 2pm Sunday 24th July
Body Mind Form for Healing
2pm Wednesday 20th to 2pm Sunday 24th July
Body Mind – The First 7 Days
5pm Wednesday 13th to 2pm Wednesday 20th July
Samye Ling Retreat Centre
Eskdalemuir, Langholm,
Scotland DG13 0QL




What’s on Offer?

Every year we like our Summer Retreat to offer something a little different. This year our focus is on level 2 of the practice known as Body Mind Form.

(Click here for the Brochure, Click here for the Booking form - this needs to be posted / scanned to Caroline)


Body Mind Form

We’d like to invite you to join us for an 11-day exploration of the movement and ideas behind the Body Mind Form with teacher Gao.

In addition to Body Mind Form, we will also spend time with more familiar practices such as Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down to help us expand our understanding of the complete Zhineng Qigong system.







Body Mind Form for Healing

In the last 4 days of the retreat we’ll shift our focus to the simpler components of level 2 and explore their potential for transformation and healing.


The First 7 Days

If you can’t make it along for the full retreat, but you’d like to join us for more than 4 days, you can join us for the first 7 days and omit the healing aspects.


For more details (including prices) have a look at our brochure and click here to access our booking sheet.