Foundation Course (Mod.1)

Course Outline

Here are the dates for the  2016/17 foundation course.
Teaching Weekend 1 – What is Qi? –  26/27th Nov 2016
Teaching Weekend 2 – The Practice of Teaching 04/05th Feb 2017
Teaching Weekend 3 – Intention – 3/4th June 2017
Teaching Weekend 4 – The Art of Teaching 16/17th Sept 2017
Teaching Weekend 5 – Embracing the role of Qigong Teacher 28/29th Oct 2017


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The Foundation Course (Module 1) offered by the Three Monkeys is a five weekend course which will take place over 15 months period.

The Foundation course for 2016/17 starts on the 8st October 2016 in London
The cost of the foundation course  is £1200.

We have arranged extra support for teacher trainers of six practice days which are £45 per day, although these are not compulsory, there’s lots to be gained by attending!

We invite any Qigong practitioners who are interested in further development to join the teacher trainees and one or more of the Three Monkey teachers on these practice days. If you are interested or need more information, please book individual practice days through Caroline.

The Foundation Course Syllabus

1. What is Qi?

The starting point of the Qigong teacher training explores one of the most fundamental questions that underpin the teaching and practice of Qigong. This weekend will introduce a broad perspective on the origins of Qi in practice and theory, creating a foundation for the rest of the course:

  • Three Treasures – Introduction to the Daoist roots of practice
  • The Qi Field.
  • The importance of Mental and Physical Relaxation
  • The Heart Mind – The potential of intention and mindfulness
  • 5 Elements and Qigong as one of the pillars of TCM
  • Gross Qi, Refined Qi
  • La Qi – the healing method

2. The Practice of Teaching

As we start to develop the role of the teacher, this module focuses on the requirements and practicalities of setting up a class and student teacher interactions.

  • Supporting Exercises and Warm Ups
  • Posture correction – Physical and Energetic boundaries
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • The power of Wrong
  • Qi reactions
  • The body – physical and energetic anatomies
  • Professional Practice, Record keeping and
  • Health and Safety

3. Intention

This module examines the role of intention within teaching and practice; it invites self-reflection and observation to become a part of continuing development.

  • Self reflection and change – quieting the inner critic
  • Observation – Responding to information
  • Power of the mind
  • Intention and the Qi field
  • Hun Yuan Qi
  • Perceptions of others – Judgement and Patterns.
  • Gongs
  • Integrating Qigong into daily life.

4. The Art of Teaching

The art of teaching is something that develops with time and through practice. To help refine and develop an individual teaching style and build confidence, this module emphasizes the intangible qualities that make teaching truly rewarding.

  • How do we learn
  • Creating a learning space
  • Assessing group and individual needs
  • Storytelling
  • Fielding questions
  • Group dynamics
  • Self evaluation

5. Embracing the role of Qigong Teacher

The final module of the Foundation Training is about consolidating understanding, revisiting common themes and providing the final parts of the course so that you have the foundation to start teaching Qigong – and the next stage of learning!

  • The role of the Qigong community
  • Reflection and review
  • Beginners Mind and Continual Learning
  • Revisiting the principals and theories of Zhineng Qigong
  • Going beyond form, exploring the true potential of practice.


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Dates for the  2016/17 Practice Days.
Practice Day 1  14th Jan 2017 (Portico Gallery SE27 TBC)
Practice Day 2  11th March 2017 (Portico Gallery SE27 TBC)
Practice Day 3  13th May 2017 (Portico Gallery SE27 TBC)
Practice Day 4  24th June 2017( Venue TBC)
Practice Day 5  2nd Sept 2017 ( Venue TBC)
Practice Day 6  4th Nov 2017 (Date and Venue TBC)


Continuing Community Support
As with any discipline the potential of Zhineng Qigong continues to grow with practice and time. This 16-day training plants seeds that need to be nurtured and developed
to enhance our abilities as teachers and practitioners of Zhineng Qigong.
Three monkeys School of Qigong offers the Foundation Course which helps you to develop your teaching skills and to contextualise Zhineng Qigong within the broader aspects of Chinese Philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In addition we are particularly keen to foster a growing Qigong community to provide ongoing support for teachers and students of Qigong through practice days, additional training, and Qigong events at various venues around the country.