Teacher Training

We believe that there is a certain alchemy that develops when you choose to train as a Qigong teacher. Experience tells us that everyone's journey to reaching the point of sharing their Qigong practice with others is different, and our training has been designed with this in mind.
We aim to support you both in developing as a practitioner and teacher, while honouring the experience that you bring to the training and helping you find your unique way of sharing this deeply transformative practice.


Course Outline

Our Teacher Training offers a unique combination of modules that develop the depth of understanding and skills required to teach Zhineng Qigong authentically, safely and effectively in a western environment.

We understand that as teachers, we are always learning and developing and the course is designed as a foundation from which you can grow.

This unique combination of training modules takes place over 15 months and comprises of:

  • 5 teaching weekends exploring the practicalities and subtleties of teaching Qigong.
  • A 5-day retreat to develop personal practice and explore the underlying philosophy in greater depth.
  • 12 days with Chinese teachers to explore the origins and potential of Zhineng Qigong.

In addition to the mandatory aspects of the training we also offer a range of practice days throughout the year to help support ongoing development and provide additional support.

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2017/2018 dates

Teaching Weekend 1 – What is Qi? -  26/27th Nov 2016
Teaching Weekend 2 – The Practice of Teaching 04/05th Feb 2017
Teaching Weekend 3 - Intention – 3/4th June 2017
Teaching Weekend 4 – The Art of Teaching 16/17th Sept 2017
Teaching Weekend 5 – Embracing the role of Qigong Teacher 28/29th Oct 2017

2018/2019 Teacher Training starts 7/8th October 2017


Dates for the  2016/17 Practice Days.

Practice Day 1  14th Jan 2017 (Portico Gallery SE27 TBC)
Practice Day 2 11th March 2017 (Portico Gallery SE27 TBC)
Practice Day 3  13th May 2017 (Portico Gallery SE27 TBC)
Practice Day 4  24th June 2017( Venue TBC)
Practice Day 5  2nd Sept 2017 ( Venue TBC)
Practice Day 6  4th Nov 2017 (Date and Venue TBC)